Professional Web Video - Plan, Produce, Distribute, Promote

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Product Overview

Add professional-level video to your Web communications toolbox with a complete understanding of the process, potential and limitations of Web video. Step up from the mini-cam experience with this solid introduction to professional planning and production techniques, ensuring that your video meets the same standards you set for every other communication program element. Audio, lighting, editing, encoding, are just a few of the essentials you learn how the pros produce top notch video for the Web. The companion Web site includes planning and production templates, demo files, and blog updates to help you put it all to work for you on a daily basis. Contents:
  • Chapter 1: Making Great Web Video
  • Chapter 2: Essential Preproduction
  • Chapter 3: Audio is Half You Program
  • Chapter 4: Great Video Needs Great Lighting
  • Chapter 5: Videography for the Web
  • Chapter 6: Telling Your Story with Visuals
  • Chapter 7: Editing Considerations
  • Chapter 8: Encoding Video for the Web
  • Chapter 9: Understanding Flash Video
  • Chapter 10: Podcasting & RSS Essentials
  • Chapter 11: Hosting the Video
  • Chapter 12: Promoting Your Video
  • Chapter 13: Monetizing Your Video ©2010, 306 pages
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