Production Music: How To Turn Music Into Revenue

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Product Overview

If you are interested in this book, it may be because you have an initial interest in production music, but aren't sure how to take it further. You may be a musician looking for an additional revenue stream. You may have excellent music stored on your computer that you don't know what to do with. Alternatively, you may have watched television, heard the music they used, and thought "I could do better!."

Regardless of your reasons for reading, this book will help you. In comparison with the popular music industry, production music is an industry that remains hidden in the shadows. However, the sums of money flowing through it are extraordinary.

In this book we will uncover the secrets of production music. Within it's chapters, we will explore:

- What production music is

- How it is made

- How it is sold

- How it is used

- How to sell your own production music

The laws that govern production music

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