Producing Music with Digital Performer

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Product Overview

Producing Music with Digital Performer is a comprehensive guide to the features and strategies behind one of the most powerful pieces of music production software. There are in-depth descriptions of Digital Performer's windows and features, and detailed discussions of audio and MIDI recording and editing techniques. Beginning users will learn basic skills and a practical approach to digital music making, and more seasoned users will learn efficient strategies and shortcuts to help them get the most out of this powerful tool. Learn how to:
  • Set up your Digital Performer Studio
  • Record and edit both MIDI and audio
  • Make your MIDI productions sound musical
  • Mix and master your recording onto a CD
  • Synchronize your music to video. CD-ROM included! The accompanying CD-ROM provides audio recordings and project setups that illustrate many of the effects and working strategies being discussed. Guided hands-on projects help you practice the presented techniques. ©2004, 222 pages. Book & CD-ROM
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