Producing Great Sound for Film and Video, 4th Edition

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Product Overview

Expert Tips from Preproduction to Final Mix

In Producing Great Sound for Film and Video, Fourth Edition audio guru Jay Rose revises his popular text for a new generation of filmmakers. You’ll learn practical, time-saving ways to get better recordings, solve problems with existing audio, create compelling tracks, and boost your filmmaking to the next level!

Here you’ll find real-world advice and practical guidelines for every aspect of your soundtrack: planning and budgeting, field and studio recording, editing, sound effects and music, audio repair, processing, and mixing. Rose’s combination of solid technical information and a clear, step-by-step approach has made this the go-to book for producers and film students for over a decade.

New in this edition:


    • Insights and from-the-trenches tips from top professionals


    • Instructions for getting the best results from new DSLRs and digital recorders


    • An all-new companion website with downloadable diagnostics, examples, and exercises for you to try


    • What you need to know about new regulations for wireless mics and broadcast loudness


  • An expanded "How Do I Fix This?" section to help you solve problems quickly

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker who wants better tracks, or an experienced professional looking for a reference, Producing Great Sound for Film and Video, Fourth Edition has the information you need.

©2014, 570 pages



Chapter 1: Audio Basics

Chapter 2: How Digital Audio Works

Chapter 3: Audio on a Wire

Chapter 4: Planning and Pre-Pro

Chapter 5: Budgeting, Scheduling, and Pre-production

Chapter 6: Production Sound

Chapter 7: Production Mic Technique

Chapter 8: Production Recording

Chapter 9: Recording, Voice-overs, ADR, and Effects (available as an online supplement)

Chapter 10: Postproduction

Chapter 11: Postproduction Hardware

Chapter 12: Levels and Digitizing

Chapter 13: Editing Voices

Chapter 14: Working with Music

Chapter 15: Sound Effects

Chapter 16: Processing

Chapter 17: The Mix

Chapter 18: "Help! It Doesn’t Sound Right!"

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Resources