Pro Tools For Dummies, 2nd Edition - All-In-One Desk Reference

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This fantastic eight-books-in-one package introduces you to Pro Tools audio- and MIDI-recording software and clues you in on basic multitrack recording techniques. You'll get wise to Pro Tools' many features and functions and find out how top recording studios use them to create the biggest hits on the planet. This do-it-now handbook also gets you up to speed on the essential audio-engineering skills you need to make ultra-high-quality recordings. Discover how to:
  • Navigate the Pro Tools windows and menus
  • Save hours of experimenting and spend more time recording
  • Master microphone placement and other home recording basics
  • Edit errors out of your tracks
  • Equalize (EQ) tracks and add effects
  • Work with midi instruments
  • Blend your sounds into a stunning final mix
  • Assemble and release an album Don't spend big bucks and many months taking classes in audio engineering and Pro Tools. Get eight quick-reference guides for one great price with Pro Tools All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies, Second Edition and start recording your breakthrough album right away! ©2008, 744 pages.
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