Pro Tools Clinic: Demystifying LE For Mac And PC

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Product Overview

Pro Tools Clinic reveals the secrets of making great recordings using Pro Tools and shows the way to becoming a Pro Tools LE expert in a simple and easy fashion. This book takes a clear and easy approach to teaching the reader how to use Pro Tools from the ground up. Rather than simply describing Pro Tools features, this book provides examples and tutorials designed to get the reader recording, editing, and mixing music right away. With over 700 photos with screen shots. Features: Includes a CD-ROM of audio examples and lessons. Written by respected music journalist, Mitch Gallagher, the editor-in-chief of EQ magazine. Endorsed by industry heavy-hitters like Craig Anderton. Mitch Gallagher, the Editor of EQ magazine, began working in music professionally 25 years ago. His background includes a degree in music, as well as extensive graduate studies in electronic music composition and classical guitar. An author, teacher, touring and studio musician, recording engineer, project studio/multimedia production company owner, studio consultant/technology expert, and award-winning composer, he hosted hundreds of studio recording, live sound, and MIDI seminars and classes prior to being named Senior Technical Editor of Keyboard magazine in 1998. In January 2000, Mitch assumed the Editor" s chair at EQ magazine. ©2005, 448 pages.