Pro Tools 6 Power!

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Product Overview

Get ready to conquer the amazing features of Pro Tools 6! This hands-on guide offers a comprehensive overview of Pro Tools operation and takes you through the configurations that are currently available. Learn about the major fields where Pro Tools is commonly used and cover the essential technical background that you need to get your Pro Tools rig interacting with the world around it. With coverage of Pro Tools Version 6.7, Pro Tools 6 Power! gives you everything you need to make the most of Pro Tools 6 , from general concepts and step-by-step instructions to the technical detail that clarifies concepts and time-saving suggestions and techniques. Pro Tools 6 Power! covers both TDM and LE versions, for Macintosh and Windows. Features:
  • Packed with quality instructions and visual content that truly educates readers on Pro Tools 6.
  • Provides many creative suggestions and practical tips for intermediate and advanced users, but can still function to get beginners up and running.
  • Written so that it continues to be a valuable resource for future and previous versions of Pro Tools.
  • Acts as a great reference and includes a complete Table of Contents, easily-browsed chapter and section headings, and a complete index.
  • Mac or PC compatible, it covers both LE and TDM versions of Pro Tools. ©2004, 448 pages.