Pro Tools 6 CSi Starter, Second Edition

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Product Overview

If you" re ready to use Pro Tools to create amazing music but aren" t sure where to begin, then Pro Tools 6 CSi Starter, Second Edition is the product you" ve been searching for! Updated for Pro Tools 6.7, this interactive CD-ROM will give you the hands-on tips you need to get up and running quickly. Cover a basic production from start to finish as you develop the skills you need to get down to the business of producing a song. The CSi movie tutorials include not only functionality, but also production techniques, special shortcuts, key commands, and before and after audio examples. Offering an easy-to-use and intuitive learning environment, CSi movie tutorials allow you to sit back and watch a DAW pro show you the ins and outs and then switch over to your own DAW to try out each concept yourself! Use the quizzing feature to test your skills along the way. ©2004, CD-ROM