Pro Tools 11 - Music Production, Recording, Editing, and Mixing

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Product Overview

With Pro Tools 11, you’ll get more than descriptions of Pro Tools features and menus — this book grounds its Pro Tools instruction thoroughly in real-world music production. Learn to leverage this powerful DAW and bend it to your will, whether you’re recording and mixing a band or producing a dance track. Get tips that will save you time, even if you’re an old hand at Pro Tools. Extensive full-color screenshots visually guide you through the book, and an informal writing style keeps you engaged.

Includes coverage of additional features incorporated into version 10.3.6, which can be co-installed alongside Pro Tools 11 to allow use of TDM and RTAS plug-in formats.

Author Mike Collins, an independent music producer and music technology consultant who has worked with Pro Tools since 1991, gives you a frank view of the software without the hype. This book is carefully designed for users with basic music production experience or knowledge, but can serve as a quick learning guide for ambitious beginners or as a reference for the advanced or professional user.

Pro Tools 11 includes coverage of the application’s new features, including:


    • Avid Audio Engine


    • Dynamic Host-based Plug-in Processing


    • Low-latency Input Buffer


    • Offline Bounce


    • Unified Workspace Browser


    • Advanced Metering for Pro Tools HD 11


  •            Co-Install with Pro Tools 10.3.6

Level: Intermediate ©2014, 510 pages