Pop Goes the Weasel: Rock and Roll Off The Record

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Format: Softcover

ISBN:  9781460985304

Pop Goes The Weasel: Rock and Roll off the Record by Gerry Young is a rock and roll memoir about his 40 years in the music industry dealing with international rock stars, most of whom are still performing and recording. The book contains first-hand, often humorous accounts and interesting off the record stories about some of the best known rock and roll and pop musicians of all time. It also surprisingly turns into a cautionary tale, when the author suddenly leaves the safety net of an executive position at a major record label and jumps head-first into the hardscrabble belly of the music business by becoming the manager of a world-famous Canadian pop band. ©2011, 236 pages

Gerry Young has been involved in the music business for almost 40 years as a concert promoter, manager, major label record executive with Polygram and President of his own successful independent record label, Current Records. He has managed and recorded Juno-award winning bands Martha and the Muffins and The Parachute Club, who both won "Single of the Year" awards in Canada -- "Echo Beach" for Martha and the Muffins in 1980 and "Rise Up" for The Parachute Club in 1984. Today he owns and operates Current Management in Toronto, and has six Canadian Pop/Rock recording acts on his management roster, all of whom can be found at - Artist Roster.