Playbook - Learn to Play Harmonica

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... A Handy Beginner's Guide

Whether you are learning from scratch or just want a quick reference guide that you'll always have with you, make your practice perfect with the pocket-sized Playbook: Learn To Play Harmonica. The book is small enough to fit in your pocket so is absolutely ideal for quick reference, or just keeping it with you at all times. 

espite its convenient size, a wealth of fundamental information is packed into these 80 pages, all divided into bite-sized portions for easy and practical learning. This book covers all of the basic techniques you'll need to get started – from holding the instrument and learning to breathe correctly to keeping the beat and bending. As the guide progresses, more and more techniques are revealed such as trill, wah and tremolo, with fun tunes to play that exhibit these. 

Furthermore, there is a useful glossary and recommended listening list to inspire you to play like the pros. 

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