Play The World: The 101 World Instrument Primer

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Play The World is the first and only world instrument primer featuring information on how to play 101 of the most popular and unique musical instruments from and cultures around the world. There are large pictures of every instrument from the ahoco of the Ivory Coast to the zheng of China, complete with detailed playing instructions, tunings, and important idiosyncratic techniques. The enclosed CD includes a performance of every instrument with accompanying notation in the text. This is an invaluable book for any musical world traveler.
  • The first and only 101 World Instrument Primer.
  • Pictures and description of 101 unique instrument from around the world.
  • Includes tunings, playing instructions, special technique and a piece per instrument.
  • Accompanying CD has a recording of the pieces on each instrument. ©2008, Book & CD, 112 pages.
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