Planet Musician

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Tap into the musical imagination of the world! Whether you're a novice or an accomplished professional, you can expand your musical horizons with this book's practice material from around the globe. Planet Musician presents fresh approaches to technique and exciting new ways to enrich your musical vocabulary, including: lots of world rhythms and rhythmic exercises; more than 150 world scales and modes; mental and technical exercises; a complete glossary of world instruments and styles and a 74-minute CD featuring Carol Maillard (Sweet Honey in the Rock), percussionist Tigger Benford and keyboardist Dan Kleiman that will help you build technique, enhance your listening skills and develop rhythmic mastery. Also includes words of wisdom from renowned musicians including Bobby McFerrin, Pete Seeger, Glen Velez and many others, plus info on world music on the Internet. ©1998, 152 pages. Book & CD.