Piano Book for Adult Beginners

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Teach Yourself Famous Piano Solos and Easy Piano Sheet Music, Vivaldi, Handel, Music Theory, Chords, Scales, Exercises

Format: Softcover

ISBN:  9781801095600

The piano is a great instrument for anyone looking to learn a little more about music.

It's arguably the easiest to learn and most straightforward when it comes to learning notes or reading music. Whatever brought you around to the idea of playing the piano, use that as fuel on your journey to becoming a great pianist.

This book is an excellent resource for all adult beginners who aren't quite sure where to start the learning process.

It's full of helpful tips, resources, and song suggestions that will help guide you through the initial stages of learning an instrument. It even gives an overview of basic music theory to get you started, and it includes a crash course on classical composers and music. Not everyone is a fan of the classics, but this book is still for you! It also includes some contemporary song suggestions and even some piano pop songs that are easy to learn at any level.

You can use this book in a variety of ways based on your needs.

If you're simply considering taking up the piano, then use this book as a peek behind the curtain of music. You can see what's required and what you'll need to learn. If you've decided that you want to learn, but aren't quite sure what's next, use this book as a guide to help you along your self-taught path to piano stardom.

Learning piano as an adult can be much different than learning as a child,

so don't do it alone! Pick up this book as your go-to resource for skills,

techniques, and suggestions that can get you playing all of your favorite songs in no time. There's information for everyone in these pages and even tips on how to move past the beginner phase into the intermediate piano.

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