Palmer-Hughes Prep Accordion Course, Book 2B

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Series: Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course

Format: Book
The Prep Accordion Course contains all the information included in the Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course but is specifically designed for the younger student. "Turn Around Tune" is a Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selection.
Willard A. Palmer's revolutionary teaching principles were reflected in 789 of his published works, which included an accordion method, several piano methods, a method for Hammond Chord Organ, a guitar method, hundreds of solo pieces and many choral works.
"La Spagnola"  
Introducing the Glissando  
"Julida Polka"  
Introducing Double Notes  
The Major Scale (C Major and G Major)  
"Oh Where, Oh Where?"  
Speed Drill No. 2  
The F Major Scale  
The Natural Sign  
Introducing the Minor Chord  
Alternating Basses with Minor Chords  
"Turn Around Tune"  
"Good Morning to You"  
Introducing Eighth Notes  
Party Song  
Preparation for "Golden Slippers"  
"Golden Slippers"  
Introducing Dotted Quarter Notes  
"America, the Beautiful"  
"Country Gardens"  
Speed Drill No. 3  
Introducing Seventh Chords  
"A Bicycle Built for Two"  
"Home on the Range"  
Introducing A, B and C Above the Staff  
Speed Drill No. 4  
"Country Fair"  
"Arkansas Traveler"  
"Danube Waves"