Outstanding Jazz Keyboard/Organ Solos

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This title is designed to show you how to play solos or improvise over common chord progressions used in the "Jazz idiom". There are 12 examples, each one being at least 32 measures in length and consist of different jazz styles including: Jazz-Blues, Uptempo, Midtempo and Slow Tempo-Jazz, Jazz-Ballad, Jazz-Funk, Modal-Jazz, Latin-Jazz, Acid-Jazz, etc. Not only are the solos notated, but so are the chord voicings and bass lines giving you the ability to study how each of the various parts work in a jazz setting. Learn how the great keyboardists/organists such as: Jimmy Smith, Joey DeFranceso, Herbie Hancock play, by utilizing chord progressions from popular jazz songs, including: Misty, Girl from Ipenema, This Masquerade, Europa, etc., as well as 12 bar blues progressions.This is a great source material for learning new improvisational ideas, as well as learning chord voicings and rhythmic patterns that would take you many hours of study, listening and transcribing the parts from albums. ©1996. Book & CD.