Open Tunings Guitar Encyclopedia

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Chords, Tuning Charts and Scales

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 978-15134-6727-6

For many guitarists open tunings are a source of inspiration and an expansion of their creative possibilities. From Open D to fourth tunings - this book presents over 20 of the most common open tunings. Voice diagrams, chords and scales for each tuning allow immediate use in practice. The appendix also contains a transposition table, a chord symbol overview, the basic chords in standard tuning and a chord scale table. ©2021.


Tuning Charts 
Chord Charts 
Scale Charts 
Tunings in E
Open E 
Open Em 
Tunings in D
Open D 
Drop D 
Drop D2 
Double Drop D 
Open Dm (Cross Note) 
D Modal (Dsus4)
Tunings in G
Open G 
Open G2 
Gsus4 (Sawmill) 
Open Gm (Sawmill 2)
Tunings in A
Open A 
Tunings in C
Open C 
Open C2 
Open C3 
Open Cm 
Other Tunings
Lute Tuning 
Tuning in Fourths 
Special Forms of Changing the Tuning
Tuning All Strings to One Tone 
Lower Than Standard Tuning 
Tuning the Low E String Even Lower 
Transposing and Capo Tables 
Fingerboard Table 
Basic Chords in Standard Tuning 
List of Chord Symbols 
Table of Chord/Scale Relationships 
List of the Most Common Open Tunings