Online Newsgathering: Research and Reporting for Journalism

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Journalists used to rely on their notepad and pen. Today, professional journalists rely on the computer""”and not just for the writing. Much, if not all, of a journalist" s research happens on a computer. If you are journalist of any kind, you need to know how to find the information you need online. This book will show you how to find declassified governmental files, statistics of all kinds, simple and complex search engines for small and large data gathering, and directories of subject experts. This book is for the many journalists around the world who didn" t attend a formal journalism school before going to work, those journalists who were educated before online research became mainstream, and for any student studying journalism today. It will teach you how to use the Internet wisely, efficiently and comprehensively so that you will always have your facts straight and fast. Online Newsgathering:
  • reflects the most current thinking
  • is pertinent to both industry and education
  • focuses on what people need to know ©2008, 208 pages.
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