Of Course You Can Play The Fiddle: A Beginner's Guide

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Do you love fiddle music and want to learn how to play? If you're a self-motivated person, undaunted by the prospect of hard work, long hours and immense pleasure, then this is the book for you! This book & CD package takes you systematically through 12 tunes -- reels, waltzes, jigs and hornpipes in the three keys of G, D, and A. Along the way you may run into a number of technical problems, and Gordon Stobbe will be there to help you solve them. Learn the basics of reading music and the principles of fiddling with feeling! Intended to be used from the very beginning is the CD that accompanies this book. It begins with a tuning check and moves on to scales and arpeggios, then you will begin to play along with the 12 tunes on the CD, slow at first and then up to speed. ©1997, 34 pages. Book & CD.