No Reading Required: Easy Rock Drum Beats - DVD

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Finally, you can learn cool licks, riffs, songs, and grooves-in a variety of styles-just by watching and doing. When there is no reading required, a new world is opened to all of us who love music, want to learn a lot more, but don't have the time for all that standard music notation and theory. Countless musicians have learned this way from friends, family and teachers. But now, with this exciting new video series, you can learn from the pros in an easy-going and fun way. With this DVD series, learning music has never been so quick, exciting or enjoyable. Easy Rock Drums Beats provides lessons on posture, breathing and holidng the sticks. You'll learn the three essential systems: sticking, vocalizing and counting. This DVD also covers triplets, swing rhthyms, articulation and dynamics. DVD Download now at: No Reading Required: Easy Rock Drum Beats with Stan Mitchell