Nipsey Hussle on Entrepreneurship: Business and Money Lessons Inspired by Nipsey Hussle

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(With Step by Step Checklist on How to Implement This into Your Life)

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ISBN: 9781637608630

From Gang Life to Self-Made Millionaire: Learn Nipsey Hussle's Secret to Success on Business and Entrepreneurship
Here's Just a Taste What You're About to Read in This Concise Nipsey Hussle Book:


1. Ownership is Very Important:


"I just believe in ownership...I believe in investing in yourself...your foundation should be strong." - Nipsey Hussle


Hussle, aside from the entrepreneurial spirit which he already had, was heavily influenced by the lives of music moguls like Jay Z, Diddy and others who have ownership of all their content and work.


His record label, All Money In, was created in 2010 after many terrible record deals. He promised himself to do better by the artistes that were signed under him, and he did.


In an interview with The Fader, he told them that, while coming up, he learned the rules of playing with money and brought that mentality into music.


Nipsey invested heavily in most of his business ventures, especially in his music career. Hussle personally funded most of his career by buying music equipment and other studio amenities at a young age when he could have easily spent his money on cars and jewelry as his peers would have, but Nipsey was all about putting money into what you believe in, hence the personal investment in his career.


Nipsey also worked towards buying (and eventually bought) up the property that housed his clothing business, The Marathon Store, and had plans to expand and open up more businesses, including a restaurant and barbershop at the same strip mall.



2. Nipsey Hussle on Keys of Building Wealth


"Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick every day. Eventually, you'll look up, and you'll have a brick wall." -Nipsey Hussle


Nipsey's formula for building wealthy centers around ownership. To own something is very important, and to understand investments and to live within your means and also make something was one of the most critical things for him. According to Nipsey, some have mastered the rap game but consume so fast that they can't get ahead.



"Start with what you know and grow." -Nipsey Hussle


Nipsey knew music. With his unique marketing strategy selling his Crenshaw mixtape, he could continue to release his music digitally and sell limited first editions tapes for $100 each. This gave him the seed money to fund his All Money In label.


Nipsey knew what was needed to revitalize his neighborhood. Under the Opportunity Zone legislation, tax cuts are given to encourage long-term investing in economically-distressed communities.


Nipsey developed plans to offer affordable housing and food and jobs via his Hyde Park real estate project.


Note: This is an unofficial tribute book to Nipsey Hussle from a fan, for a fan to support his legacy. It has not been has not been approved or endorsed by the Nipsey Hussle or his associates