Newfoundland Fiddle Music in the 21st Century

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Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 978-15134-6715-3

This meticulously researched anthology presents detailed biographies and transcriptions, including bowing, ornamentation, and accentuation of 39 fiddle tunes as played by 25 Newfoundland fiddlers from locations throughout the island. For unparalleled authenticity, the author’s live field recordings of each tune are available online, offering a unique perspective of the various types of tunes and techniques favoured by past and present Newfoundland fiddlers.

Newfoundland, a former British colony, possesses a rich and varied cultural heritage due to its history of unique settlement patterns. Beginning in the 16th  century, European migrants from Ireland, Scotland, West-Country England, and France settled on the island, bringing with them their various cultural practices, including their fiddles!

This collection provides insight to the backgrounds, geographical locations, and musical preferences of the individual players, and how music-making and the role and status of Newfoundland fiddlers have evolved over time. The tunes included here vary from original compositions and revival collectors’ treasures, to reinterpreted versions of timeless Irish, Scottish, and French tunes. Together, they form a part of the modern-day Newfoundland fiddling tradition.

This book will delight fiddle players and any musician who wishes to further enhance their repertoire and technique, or simply learn more about the island of Newfoundland and its music. Includes access to online audio. ©2021, 140 pages


1. Fiddle Players on the East Coast of Newfoundland
1.1.1. Kevin Broderick
1.1.2. Everett Russell
1.1.3. Kelly Russell
1.1.4. Billy Sutton
1.1.5. Colin Carrigan
1.1.6. Christina Smith
1.1.7. Edward Lear
1.1.8. John Cole
1.1.9. Jerome Cole
1.1.10. Jack Fitzpatrick
1.1.11. Observations of Fiddle Players on the East Coast
2. The Codroy Valley
2.1.1. Walter J. MacIsaac
2.1.2. Danny MacDonald
2.1.3. Joe Aucoin
2.1.4. Lisa MacArthur
2.1.5. Conclusions from Observing Fiddle Players in the Codroy Valley
3. The Port-Au-Port Peninsula
3.1.1.  mile Benoit
3.1.2. Ivan White
3.1.3. Alphonsus Young
3.1.4. Howard Oliver
3.1.5. Lester Alexander
3.1.6. John Jim Cornect
3.1.7. Pat Hynes
3.1.8. Conclusions from Observing Fiddle Players on the Port-Au-Port Peninsula
4. The Northern Peninsula
4.1.1. Ivan Payne
4.1.2. John Sexton
4.1.3. Mark Sinnicks
4.1.4. Rufus Guinchard
4.1.5. Conclusions from Observing Fiddle Players on the Northern Peninsula
5. General Observations of Fiddle Playing in Newfoundland
5.1.1. Changes in the Role and Status of the Fiddle Player in the 21st Century
Archival Recordings
Glossary of Terms
Appendix A: Audio Files