My Passion "Audio Awareness"

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Reveals Practical Applications on Studio Recordings, Concert Sound Proficiency & Understanding Room Acoustics

Format: Softcover

By reading this book My Passion "Audio Awareness," Individuals will discover how to create a Precise Quality Sound within their Final Audio Mix. Audio Enthusiasts will also discover everything required to become an accomplished Audio Wage Earner. It's a practical information book on Audio that takes the mystery out of "Audio Recording Studios," "Concert Sound Reinforcement," and "Performance Room Acoustics" issues.

Alphonso Soosay outstandingly created this book as he envisions redirecting the Awareness of Musicians, Songwriters, Performing Artists and Young School Leavers to a better understanding in producing their creative quality music. Alphonso's Passion is to introduce logical and practical results from his research of 40 over years of Audio experience. Explained in detail are also many problems individuals will encounter in Practical Recording Sessions and how to Overcome Glitches.

Alphonso Soosay, a veteran Musician and Sound Recording Engineer, who has been working in the Audio industry for more than 40 years. He was born in Singapore and migrated to Australia in 1985. Alphonso Soosay designed and built the first floating Audio Recording Studio (1980) in Singapore named "Audio Visual Workshop." He engineered the Multi-Audio Tracks for talking tabloids for Sentosa Wax Museum Singapore. He has recorded Hit Recordings for "Gingerbread" with WEA Records and has written songs for recording artists in Singapore and Malaysia for WEA Records Singapore and Malaysia. The author has worked as an Audio Consultant at then Lombardo's Entertainment Complex in Fremantle. Alphonso Soosay worked many years with Edith Cowan University Western Australia, being the person responsible for its Multimedia Video Conferencing and Audio-Visual Requirements. He wrote the book "Home Theatre Guide," in 2012 where the author shares all his experiences and knowledge of bring the "Cinema Experience" technology to the Home Theatre set-up for homes. ©2018, 656 pages