Musicianship in the Digital Age

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Product Overview

Unlike many other books on the market, Musicianship in the Digital Age effectively combines music technology with musicianship. The book provides technical instruction on topics such a sequencing, synthesis, loop-based tools, and editing, with insights on how to actually use that technology to sequence and record original compositions. Organized into three parts, the first two parts cover the technological and theoretical aspects of music production while the third part ties together all of the skills learned by presenting fifteen demonstration scores and recordings with a detailed description of the entire production process. Each chapter also features helpful tips and suggested activities that, along with the companion CD, help solidify the skills learned. This book teaches many musical concepts that will enhance the creative process and foster a versatile approach to sequencing and composition. Features:
  • Suitable for professional musicians, students, music enthusiasts, and multimedia specialists alike.
  • Features an integrated and practical approach to the use of music technology to compose and orchestrate original music, providing both technical instruction and theoretical discussion.
  • Concepts taught are not software or hardware specific and can be applied to products from many different manufacturers.
  • Chapters on theory, forms, arranging, and orchestration provide a cross-curricular approach to computer-based music production.
  • A companion CD provides helpful demonstrations of the composition process. ©2005, Book & CD, 528 pages.
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