Musicians and the Law in Canada, 4th Edition

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Product Overview

""With the quickly changing worldwide computer/digital/Internet revolution happening in the music business, every manager, agent, and musician out there needs to know exactly which laws are in place to protect them...and their craft. Musicians and the Law in Canada, authored by Paul Sanderson is complete guide to the law and practice of the Canadian music business. This unique and practical text, now in it's 4th edition, - has been revised, enlarged and updated. Not only does it provide an overview of the law and contracts, but also includes legal issues confronting musicians in Canada today.

""As an Musician---KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, don't let someone else take control of your future, your craft, and your money. Understand how digital royalties, downloading, merchandising, streaming, ring tones, and cloud computing all work...and learn how you can benefit from them. Get to know what crowdfunding to get government funding...what a sponsorship agreement should look like and much, much more. Musicians and the Law in Canada covers topics like...domain names and websites, merchandising and endorsements, contractual rights, income tax considerations, 360 deals, and financing- all issues that EVERY artist should understand. Musicians and the Law in Canada also covers hot topics like Copyright infringement (and remedies), administration and licensing of copyright, Creative Commons licenses and Digital royalties.

""As an Agent, Manager, or Entertainment Lawyer- your number one priority is protecting the best interest of the talent you represent. Musicians and the Law in Canada provides a detailed discussions of the various publishing, recording, live performance, merchandising and endorsement agreements. It's truly a resource that highlights the legal implications surrounding musicians and addresses each provision with extensive commentary. Musicians and the Law in Canada also includes extensive checklists for negotiating and drafting specific agreements.
""If there is one book to invest in, one book to help your career, and one book to make sure you understand your rights...this is the one.
""Don't wait until it's too late - be prepared... know your legal rights! Order your copy TODAY.
About The Author
""Paul Sanderson, LL.B., Barrister and Solicitor, has practised entertainment and arts law exclusively since being called to the Ontario bar in 1983. He is currently a sole practitioner in the firm Sanderson Entertainment Law. He was a co-founder of the Artist Legal Advice Services (ALAS) and is a member of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) and (SOCAN). He is also the past co-chair of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (Canadian Executive Committee), as well as numerous other arts organizations. He is the leading author on legal aspects of Canadian music law and visual arts, and a frequent guest speaker in these areas.
""©2014, 700 pages
Covers all legal situations affecting musicians including:
  • The Internet and its implications for musicians
  • Copyright, administration and licensing of copyright, Creative Commons licenses
  • Copyright infringement and remedies
  • Contractual rights, obligations and remedies
  • The status, function and role of labour organizations
  • The relationship of agents and managers
  • Crowd funding, government funding programs, sponsorship agreements, financing and other business-related issues
  • Income tax considerations
  • Trademarks, merchandising and endorsements
  • Websites, social media, domain names, house concerts
  • Digital royalties, downloading, streaming, ring tones, Cloud computing
  • "360 deals"