Music Through the Ages: A Music History Timeline Room Border

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Room Border

ISBN: 978-0-7579-0228-4

Wherever music is taught, this decorative timeline should be on the wall!

This beautiful full-color banner is over 16 feet long! A handy teacher's reference booklet is included so the teacher can read composer information at a glance.

There are five sections that may be displayed together or separately: 1) Late Renaissance / Baroque 2) Classical 3) Romantic 4) Early to Mid-Twentieth Century 5) Mid- to Late Twentieth Century.

* Highlights music history from the Renaissance to present day

* Includes classical, rock, pop, and jazz greats

* Shows dates of famous composers and musicians

* Describes briefly each person's importance in music history

* Includes portraits or photographs of most musicians

* Defines many musical terms to help beginning students

* Decorates the classroom while educating at the same time

* Provides a great reference to enhance other studies

* Includes a handy teacher reference about the musicians.