Music Tech Magazine Ten Minute Masters

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Music Tech Magazine's Ten Minute Masters is a collection of potted explanations of music theories, technologies, protocols and processes. As useful to the newcomer as to the expert, the collection gives everyone sufficient information to grasp a concept in the space of 1, 500 words -- or just ten minutes! Whether you're a musician new to technology, or a recording expert a bit light on your musical theory, the Ten Minute Masters will help you fill your knowledge gaps, and add useful snippets to what you already thought you understood! From analogue recording to Audio CDs, from cabling to copyright, and filters to Firewire, this is an invaluable collection for anyone involved in the music technology field. The collection is drawn from Music Tech Magazine -- the practical magazine about music recording and production which is renowned for the way it helps readers improve their understanding and expertise in music technology. ©2006, 152 pages.