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The Best Music Resources Online: Musician's Directory to the Web MUSIC RESOURCES ONLINE is a collection of the best websites online for entrepreneurial musicians. If you're trying to leverage Web 3.0 to promote and sell your music, connect with fans, teach online, write books, sell merchandise, and just make a living as a musician, then this is for you. Collected here is THE list of the most amazing sites, tools, and -- in some cases -- largely untapped resources that can change your career as a musician forever.

Andy McWain is a jazz pianist, composer, and author from New England. He has performed improvised music throughout the United States, and in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and China. His ensemble recordings (Starfish, Vigil, Resemblance, Interpreter, Mishawum, Temporary, Nerve, and Live at Audible Think) are available on the indie label Fuller Street Music and from Distrokid. McWain is a faculty member of the music department at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.

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