Music Notebook: Music Writing Notebook, Notebook for Musicians, Staff Paper, Music Composition Notebook

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Product Overview

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781034155485

Perfect beginner Music Notebook for young musicians, composers, or songwriters. 

This music manuscript paper notebook is for school kids & children in grade school, high school teens & teenagers, college kids, university students, and adults to handwritten music notation & music notes.

Can be used for music college or university, high school music theory classes, in the studio, at home, or anywhere for songwriting, piano, guitar, violin, and other musical instruments, practice lessons, or transcribing music.

Why This Notebook is Perfect:

100 pages of Lined and Staff Paper

12 staves per page with thin lines

Glossy stylish, elegant cover

Enough space between staves for lyrics

No clefs written and no measures are included to allow maximal flexibility when composing.