Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business (10TH ed.)

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781413329124

How to make your band a huge business success

Whether you're recording an album, budgeting a tour, or livestreaming concerts, you need solid information to make the right legal and business choices.

Music Law is the all-in-one guide you need. Written by musician and lawyer Rich Stim, it explains everything you need to:

  • write a partnership agreement
  • buy, insure, and maintain equipment
  • use samples and do covers
  • sell and license your music 
  • get royalties for streaming and downloads
  • deal with taxes and deductions 
  • find the right manager and write a fair contract
  • get gigs and get paid
  • protect your copyright legally 
  • deal with legal issues in the recording studio, and 
  • negotiate record contracts.


This is the most useful business and legal guide for bands and independent musicians. Completely updated to provide the latest in the law and current business practices, it covers music licensing and trends in livestreaming and other new revenue sources. ©2021, 560 pages


1. Yes, Your Band Is a Business! 2. Band Partnerships and Beyond 3. Management 4. Attorneys 5. Band Equipment 6. Performance and Touring 7. Copyright and Song Ownership 8. Publishing Your Band's Music 9. Band Names 10. Album Artwork 11. Recording 12. Duplication: Manufacturing Your Recordings 13. Selling Your Music 14. Independent Record Agreements 15. Taking Your Band Online 16. Taxes 17. Help Beyond the Book Appendix: How to Use the Forms Index