Music Industry Forms

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Product Overview

Here are 75 of the most important documents performers, writers, engineers, educators, managers and musicians will need!

Jonathan Feist has compiled a series of charts, plots, diagrams, checklists and agreements that will help you clarify your work, track critical details, and maintain quality control. Each one includes an explanation about how it is used, a key to related symbols and terms and any common variations.

You will find forms for:

• Performance, to help you book, organize, and manage concerts and gigs (stage plots, set lists, booking request sheets)

• Touring (tour itinerary, checklist, assets inventory)

• Technology, to help you manage recording sessions, track gear, and label media (archive sheets, mic input diagrams, take sheets)

""€¢ Writing songs, compositions and film scores, supporting both creative and business dimensions of the work (split sheets, spotting notes, cue sheets)

""€¢ Business, including agreements, project management tools, and financial management (booking sheets, tour budget, profit/loss form)

""€¢ Teaching (audition rating sheet, practice log, lesson plan)

Also included are different types of notation formats, and some tips for creating your own forms. ©2014, 128 pages