Music from Around the World for Guitar Ensemble

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Music from Around the World for Guitar Ensemble - Score and 1st Guitar Part A collection of 10 favorite melodies from around the world arranged for guitar ensemble. The arrangements are easy to intermediate in difficulty. The book contains the score, optional piano accompaniment and first guitar part. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th guitar parts are free internet downloads. Songlist:
  • A Pretty Little Ring - Norwegian Folk Songr
  • Amor Vittorioso (Love Victorious) - Giovanni Gastoldi
  • Arirang (Lullaby) - Korean Folk Song
  • Hatikvah and Shalom Chaverim (The Hope and Farewell Friends) - ""Hebrew Folk Songs
  • John Anderson, My Joe - Scottish Folk Song
  • Neighbor's Chorus (From "La jolie Parfumeuse") - Jacques Offenbach,
  • O'er Wintry Hills -""Croatian Folk Song
  • The Streets of Laredo -""American Cowboy song
  • Three Jolly Welshmen - Welsh Folk Song
  • Tina Singu (We Are the Flame) - Basutoland Folk Song ©2011, Book + Online PDF, Beginning, 76 pages.
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