Music For Media DVD

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Product Overview

If you are a musician who wants to expand your business into the media music market, this 4 hour DVD is for you. It will also prove helpful for composers who already create scores for the movie, tv and game industry, as well as film school students and video post production specialists.

The DVD is broken down into different sections: Overview - covers basic business processes in the media industries and introduces you to prominent composers Composing & Production - covers how to compose, arrange and produce music cues for media. Also covered is the use of harmony, orchestraton, MIDI sequencing, rhythm, mixing techniques for the cues. It also shows you how music is used to develop emotional responses in media scenes. Video - presents tutorials on functions used in Digital Audio Workstations to synchronize music cues with video. It also includes technical tutorials for 5 popular DAW's: Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Digital Performer and Sonar. Surround - will give you a basic understanding of 5.1 surround sound mixing and tutorials for the same 5 DAW's Games - will explain the techniques required for integrating music with games and provides a tutorial on FMOD - game audio tool.

This DVD is a must for anyone interested in creating Music for the Media Market. DVD