Music Elements: Music Theory, Songwriting, Lyrics & Creativity Explained

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Format: Softcover

Embrace Your Inner Artist

Do you struggle writing songs?

Have you ever tried learning music theory but found it hard or thought that it wasn't necessary?

If you are finding that you are writing songs, and whilst they sound good, there is something missing then read on.

What you are missing is the sense of harmony and emotion that professional producers and songwriters have. Your about to discover everything you need to know about music theory, songwriting, lyrics and creativity.

Turn Your Songs Into An Emotional Journey

It's time to embrace your inner artist, make your own rules and start creating like never before. Whether you're just starting out as a songwriter or are a more experienced one looking for a new perspective then this book will help you.

Studying music can be a long journey, but with this book, you'll gain tons of vital information in a short period of time. With this knowledge I promise you that your songs will be better than 90% of the songs you hear on the radio.

More importantly, no matter where your songs end up, you will be confident you have written your best music. ©2019, 194 pages

In This Book You Will Discover:

  • The Language Of Music
  • How To Unleash Your Creativity
  • How To Understand Music
  • The Psychology Behind Song Structure.
  • Proven Techniques To Overcome Writer's Block
  • The Same Songwriting Process Used To Write Countless #1 Songs
  • Characteristics Of Great Song Hooks
  • Publishing Your Songs
  • Create Chord Progressions
  • Principles Of Art Applied In Songwriting
  • Myths About Music Theory Debunked
  • And Much, Much, More...

So if you want to write your best music, read this book