Music Copyright for the New Millenium

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The 21st century promises to be the greatest period of growth in musical expression the world has ever known, as new technologies have made it easier and less costly to produce and distribute creative works on a worldwide basis. Copyright law and the ownership of intellectual property will continue to be the lifeblood of the music industry and the source from which the income of musicians will be derived. This book will give you a thorough understanding of copyright law as it applies specifically to music. In an easy-to-understand style, it explains the relevant provisions of U.S. copyright law and demonstrates how they are used in the music industry. From the Statute of Anne in the early 18th century to recent lawsuits against MP3-swapping services, this is the most comprehensive guide to music copyright ever created. David J. Moser is an entertainment attorney who primarily represents music industry clients. He is also a professor in the Recording Industry program at Middle Tennessee State University, where he teaches courses in copyright law and music publishing. In addition, Moser has written articles on entertainment law for numerous publications, including Billboard and Entertainment Law & Finance. He lives in Nashville and is a member of the Copyright Society of the United States, the Tennessee Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. 184 pages.