Music Business Success

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Better Networking Skills and Creativity for Musicians and Songwriters Through Simple Memory Improvement. In this book, you'll learn easy, yet powerful memory techniques that will boost your networking skills, help you get more done, and get you off the sidelines of the music business and into the heart of it. Regardless of your position in the music industry, this book will help you to be in control of your career and teach you how to make the most of the limited window of opportunity you have when meeting new people. A few things you'll learn:
  • How to Remember Names and Faces
  • How to Recall Important Facts and Figures
  • The Foolproof Way to Remember Set Lists and Song Changes
  • How to Get a Presentation Without Notes
  • How to Give Yourself a Creativity Boost
  • Ways to Turn a Powerful Memory into Cash in Your Pocket. Let David Hooper personally guide you through the techniques and strategies he has used to create hundreds of successful music business contracts, partnerships, and best-selling artists. ©2005, 184 pages.