Music Business Skills For Musicians - Make Money from Music, Discover The Music Industry and Explode Your Music Career!

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Format: Softcover

If Your In The Music Business, Read This

Today you need to view yourself through the new rules of the music industry. Those who play by them will succeed. Gone are the old days where you would hope to get signed and then become a star (i.e. everything would be done for you).

Do you wonder why other artists are getting breaks and you are not?

Making it in the music industry isn't about catching that big break anymore. Getting your career off the ground can be a long and scary task. In this cutting-edge book Tommy Swindali maps out everything you need to know and provides you with the tools necessary to get to where you want to be.

The tools are yours to use, but only if you want it bad enough.

Find out why you should run your music career like a business. Then allow me to simplify that process and walk you through all the steps that the professionals take. You don't want to be another tired and broke artist forced to get a job you hate. Do yourself a favor.

Whether you are an active or aspiring musician, or an aspiring music manager or agent - this book is perfect for you. ©2019, 204 pages

In this book you will discover:

  • What to Look for When Making a Deal

  • Understand The Importance of Streaming and Subscription

  • Discover The New Rules of The Music Industry with "360 Degree" Deals

  • Connect With The Right People Who Will Help You to The Next Level

  • Multiply Your Income Forever With Music Licensing

  • How to Get Signed and Have A&Rs Chasing You

  • The Secrets to Using Funding

  • Develop Your Brand and Make a Good First Impression

  • Monetizing Your Music

  • And Much, Much More

So if you want to go somewhere big with your music and/or learn the music business Read This Book