Music Business Hacks: The Daily Habits of the Self-Made Musician

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Product Overview

Do you have 15 minutes to spare?

If you want to spend more time doing and less time reading, this is going to be your kind of book. This isn't the kind of cover-to-cover manual on the music business where you have to figure out how to apply vague concepts to your career. No, this is your recipe book for music business success. Every section is broken down into short bites with specific actions that you can take to begin taking control of your music career right away.

You'll learn things like:

How to book your own tours

How to get sponsors

Who you should hire

Using social media in a way that actually works

How to become a better musician

How to be more strategic with your art

Crammed with over 2,000 tips and idea-generators, this book will let you hack your way through the music business. Also, it features advice from A&R reps, label owners, publicists, attorneys, artists, and more!

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