Music Business Careers - Career Duality in the Creative Industries, 1st Edition

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The music industry offers the opportunity to pursue a career as either a creative (artist, producer, songwriter, etc.) or as a music business "logician" (artist manager, agent, entertainment attorney, venue manager, etc.). Though both vocational paths are integral to the industry’s success, the work of calling songs into existence or entertaining an audience differs from the administrative aspects of the business, such as operating an entertainment company. And while the daily activities of creatives may differ from those of the music business logician, the music industry careerist may sense a call to Career Duality, to work on both sides of the industry as a Career Dualist, a concept this book introduces, defines, and explores in the context of the music industry.

This volume speaks to the dilemma experienced by those struggling with career decisions involving whether to work in the industry using their analytical abilities, or to work as a creative, or to do both. The potential financial challenges encountered in working in the industry as an emerging artist may necessitate maintaining a second and simultaneous occupation (possibly outside the industry) that offers economic survival. However, this is not Career Duality. Likewise, attending to the business affairs that impact all creatives is not Career Duality. Rather, Career Duality involves the deliberate pursuit of a dual career as both a music industry creative and music business logician, which is stimulated by the drive to express dual proclivities that are simultaneously artistic and analytical.

By offering a Career Duality model and other constructs, examining research on careers, calling, authenticity and related concepts, and providing profiles of music industry dualists, this book takes readers on a journey of self-exploration and offers insights and recommendations for charting an authentic career path. This is a practical examination for not only music industry professionals and the entertainment industry, but for individuals interested in expressing both the analytical and artistic self in the context of career. ©2019, 220 pages


Part I – Understanding Career Duality

Chapter 1 – The Career Duality Dilemma: An Early Tale

Chapter 2 – Defining Career Duality

Chapter 3 – Telling Other Tales

Part II – The Impetus for Career Duality

Chapter 4 – Vocational Calling: The Directional Axis of Vocation

Chapter 5 – The Case for Contextual Calling

Chapter 6 – Call and Response

Part III – The Impact of Career Duality: Synthesizing Possibility

Chapter 7 – Authenticity

Chapter 8 – Writing Your Own Tale: Charting Your Authentic Career

Chapter 9 – A Community of Dualists

Part IV - Empowering Others and Living Empowered

Chapter 10 – Teaching and Advising for Duality

Epilogue: Living Empowered