Music Arranging and Orchestration

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Renowned arranger/composer John Cacavas offers a definitive guide to arranging and orchestration from both an artistic and career point of view. In his introduction, Morton Gould writes: "Orchestrating is a highly complex technique and to many, even those with academic training, a mystery fraught with a labyrinth of hazards. What is required, along with innate talent and general musicality, is the practical 'know-how' ... To this end, John Cacavas contributes his extensive experience and ability with a practical approach to the practical problems of orchestrating. It is in this context most orchestrators must function, and to whom this book should be of benefit."Topics incude: writing at the piano; the arranger as a composer; modulation; scoring for strings; writing for woodwinds; arranging for brass; percussion discussion; keys and ranges; scoring for chorus with band/orchestra; on making recordings; the business of music publishing; songwriting.