Moving Media Storage Technologies

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Product Overview

Moving Media Storage Technologies Applications & Workflows for Video and Media Server Platforms FEATURES:
  • A focus on the media serving concepts and principles employed at the enterprise level
  • Practical and technological summaries of the applications and linkages between media asset management and storage technologies for studio, television, and media production workflows
  • Illustrations, standards, tables, and practical summaries serve as handy reference tools CONTENTS: Digital Media Recording and Storage Technologies ; Digital Disk Recorders - DDR; Non Linear Editing - NLE; Video Server Systems; Media Server Components and Disk Based Architectures; Storage Arrays; Storage Networking; Optical Based Storage Platforms; Bridging the IP and IT Worlds with the Video/Media World; Encoders and Decoders; Compression formats, bit rates and services ; Performance - Bandwidth, Stripping and Throughput ; Clustering; High Performance Storage Systems; File Transfer Protocols (FTP); Formats, Conversion and; Interchange and Exchange Formats; Scalability, Extensibility, Interoperability; Storage Management; Archives, Backup and Libraries; Applications of Video Server Technologies; Video on Demand; Digital Cinema Servers; Media Asset Management - Digital Asset Management; Workflow and Content Delivery Networks; Storage Virtualization; Multifunction Media Servers for Broadcast; Disaster Prevention; Upgrades, Updates and Forklifts. ©2011, HARDCOVER, 652 pages.
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