Monetizing Entertainment

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Product Overview

An Insider's Handbook for Careers in the Entertainment & Music Industry

Monetizing Entertainment: An Insider's Handbook for Careers in the Entertainment & Music Industry offers a thorough, guided exploration of the current state of the industry, with an emphasis on trends in copyright, digital streaming, and practical advice for developing a career as an artist, technician, or industry executive.

This book investigates a variety of topics within the entertainment and music industry, ranging from traditional and emerging business models to intellectual property rights to the creative destruction happening currently. The book strategically outlines the existing gaps that make being successful as an artist a dynamic interaction between creativity and business.

This book includes the following:


    • An overview of the creative destruction process that has destroyed some of the old business models and created a number of career options.


    • A look at innovative, entrepreneurial career options.


    • A step-by-step examination for both creative and business professionals of the administrative and financial structures of the industry.


  • Detailed analysis of trends and topics shaping the current entertainment and music industry drawn from insiders' perspectives and other contemporary resources.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Take a Look at This!

Chapter 1: The Perfect Storm

Chapter 2: The Three Wows

Chapter 3: The Rules of the Game

Chapter 4: The Entertainment Business

Chapter 5: The Significance of Narration

Chapter 6: Music Publishing-What's the Deal?

Chapter 7: Recording Lightning in a Bottle

Chapter 8: The Label Business-Recording Budgets

Chapter 9: Odds of the Game

Chapter 10: Promotion/Publicity and Media

Chapter 11: Representation

Chapter 12: The Concert and Event Business

Appendix A

Appendix B



Dr. Larry Wacholtz is a professor of entertainment and music business at Belmont University in Nashville. A consultant to industry professionals, he is a member of NARAS, USASBE, MEIEA, IFBPA, and The Academy of Entrepreneurship. He is the author of eight other bestselling books on the entertainment and music business, including Off the Record: Everything You REALLY Need to Know About the Music Business, Star Tracks, Principles for Success in the Music and Entertainment Business, How the Music Business Works, and Inside Country Music (a Billboard book).

Dr. Beverly Schneller is an associate provost for academic affairs at Belmont University in Nashville. She is the author of Anna Parnell’s Political Journalism: Contexts and Texts, Writing About Business and Industry, and Writing About Science (with Elizabeth Bowen)as well as numerous articles on literature and higher education. She serves as a Teagle Scholar through the Wabash College Center of Inquiry.

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