Moeller Method Secrets

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Product Overview

The Moeller Method Secrets Training System includes everything you could ever need to get maximum results for hand speed, power, control, endurance, and dynamics. It was designed to be the only drum hand technique video you will ever need. It includes complete and detailed explanations of specific methods that will drastically improve your drumming. No stone is left unturned - absolutely everything is revealed! It includes dual DVD discs, detailed sheet music, and special bonus material. The 1st disc has everything taught in extreme detail (including examples you can actually begin to implement into your drumming immediately), and the 2nd disc is packed with inspirational content that shows you how the techniques can be used in musical drumming. This one-of-a-kind training pack has it all! Content
The first DVD disc in this training pack covers:
  • An introduction to correct stick grip, and an overview of how stick grip can make a big difference in how you play the drums.
  • The unique "gun system" for discovering correct hand position for holding the drumstick. This creative approach is extremely easy to follow along with. Every part of the grip is explained in detail.
  • How to find the balance point of your drumsticks to allow them to get the most natural rebound (vital for virtually all techniques associated with speed drumming).
  • Tips and suggestions for removing tension from your hands and wrists (which helps reduce the risk of serious injury, and extends drumming endurance).
  • A breakdown of matched grip, and how both hands are mirrored for this style of playing (the most commonly used grip today).
  • An in-depth look at traditional grip, including close-up shots and detailed explanations of exactly how to play this technique (and an overview of the pros and cons of using it).
  • How to perform the German or Germanic grip with the correct hand positioning, and "relaxed feel" (includes video of the grip being used in a short mini-solo).
  • How to perform the American grip, and how it relates to the German grip previously covered. This section includes special multi-angle viewing to show the exact differences of this grip in detail (also includes video of the grip being used in a mini-solo).
  • How to perform the French grip, and how it relates to the German and American grips (includes a mini-solo with the grip being used).
  • A unique exercise that combines the three grip types (German, American, and French) in one complete stick grip warm-up.
  • Applications for using the Finger Control Technique around the drum set (excellent for coming up with unique drum beat and fill ideas). Great for speed drumming and faster solos.
  • A complete look at the tap stroke motion, and how it can improve your speed, dynamic drumming, and more. This section also includes important practice tips, and simple exercises.
  • An in-depth look at the full stroke motion, and tips on what to focus on when first developing it. Includes examples of common mistakes many drummers make).
  • Complete training for the medium full stroke (aka half stroke) with simple examples and exercises.
  • Finally, an in-depth look at the up-stroke to round out the section and provide you with a complete set of motions for continuous dynamic drumming. This is one of most important motions, and can be used with the down-stroke in a wide variety of ways (including the moeller method). The king of the power strokes, the full Moeller! This section includes advanced tips rarely taught, multi-angle shots, and once again - slow motion footage breaking everything down.
  • A powerful exercise for incorporating the three Moeller types. This is a great way to begin applying them on your kit right away.
  • A full-length drum solo titled "Solo for Sanford" in which Mike Michalkow pays tribute to Sanford Augustus Moeller.
    The second DVD disc in this training pack covers:
  • Seven unique full-length Drum Solos performed by Mike Michalkow on his massive Yamaha drum set. An excellent source of ideas and inspiration for drummers of all skill levels.
  • Three professional Jam Tracks that Mike Michalkow performs along with (two used with permission from Yamaha, and the last with permission from Chuck Silverman).
  • Five complete Band Tracks performed by superstar musicians Mike Michalkow (drums), Cameron Peace (guitar), and Damian Erskine (bass). These tracks are both entertaining and educational!
  • Five Drum Gear Demos showing off some of Mike's favorite drum gear with detailed descriptions of the kits, cymbals, sticks, practice pedals, and tuning accessories that he prefers.
  • DVD Extras - Including digital copies of all the sheet music exercises covered in the entire training pack, slow motion video examples of drum techniques, and a free eBook. ©2006. Dual DVD.