Modes Explained

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A Guitarist's Manual for Applying Harmony in Improvisation

Series: Explained

Format: Softcover & Online Video

ISBN: 9781540062567

The world of modes is one that every guitarist must explore in their playing journey. Celebrated author and instructor Carl Culpepper guides you through these fascinating sounds, expanding your tonal palette through licks and phrases that are guaranteed to enhanceyour solos!

Topics covered include: Ionian soloing • Dorian soloing • Phrygian soloing • Phrygian dominant soloing • Lydian soloing • Mixolydian soloing • Aeolian soloing • Locrian soloing.

These concepts are sure to broaden your knowledge of theory and soloing skills, moving you further along your road to mastery! Includes over four hours of video lessons online for download or streaming. ©2021, 64 pages