Modern Worship Series - Electric Guitar

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This 3 hour DVD is designed to help you expand your guitar playing skills and give you confidence in playing some of the more challenging praise and worship styles of today. You will be inspired to develop a heart for worship and a desire for excellence. Ben Gowell has been a session guitarist, worship leader and teacher for many years. He has played on over 50 recordings including projects by Paul Baloche, Sara Groves, and others. He has traveled the world teaching classes and seminars on electric guitar and worship leading. Paul Baloche has been playing and teaching guitar for over 20 years. His instructional DVDs have been instrumental in helping thousands become more confident in their playing skills. On this DVD, Paul and Ben cover: chord voicings and positions; electric guitar tone; equipment and effects pedals; playing with a band; creating rhythm "parts"; octaves; volume issues in church; soloing concepts and demonstrations; and much more. This DVD contains 80 minutes of bonus footage featuring instruction by veteran electric guitarist Glenn Pearce. You can also download the companion workbooks at 180 minutes. ©2008.