Modern Rock TrackPak - Apple Loops for GarageBand and Logic

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Product Overview

Apple's popular GarageBand software gives you the power and flexibility to make your own music happen, and Hal Leonard TrackPaks- give you the tracks for the songs, no matter which instrument you play! Each TrackPak includes:
  • DVD-ROM with 12 hit songs, edited, mixed and ready to drop into GarageBand
  • book with transcriptions in standard notation and guitar tablature, as well as lyrics for reference
  • complete songs plus individual loops, beats, grooves and riffs for all of the instruments
  • recordings that sound amazing! Take a drum loop from "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and loop it for your own project. Like the guitar riffs from Los Lonely Boys' "Heaven"? They're here, ready to be adapted to your own creative ideas. Other songs include: Aerials (System of a Down), Alive (P.O.D.), All the Small Things (Blink-182), Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet), Come Out and Play (The Offspring), Here Without You (Three Doors Down), Just Like You (Three Days Grace), Man in the Box (Alice in Chains), This Love (Maroon5), and Wish You Were Here (Incubus). GarageBand has been named the Product of the Year by Music Trades magazine! ©2005, DVD.
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