Modern Recording and Mixing DVD

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Product Overview

Applies to ALL digital and analogue recording systems
  • Over 3 hours of information!
  • World-class endorsements
  • Easy to follow and inexpensive
  • Review at your own pace You don" t need a lot of money to create professional recordings, but you do need the expertise. Secrets of the Pros will speed you through years of trial and error so you can focus on creating music instead of spending all your time trying to figure out the best way to make the gear work. With over three hours of information, these DVDs will take you through standard methods of audio engineering that have been refined over decades by the best of the best. If you were to closely observe the best producers and engineers in the audio world as they record, edit, and mix, you would see many of them using similar techniques. This is because almost every one of them learned their skills from a lineage of other top-notch talent in the audio production industry. This 2-DVD set will show you these techniques. You will also hear a world-class studio designer show you easy and inexpensive ways to correctly set up your studio. This process is critical if you want to record and mix pro sounding tracks and have your mixes accurately translate from your studio to the outside world. TOPICS INCLUDE:
  • Mixing -Techniques to vastly improve your mixes
  • The Big Secret - Do your mixes sound different when you take them out of your studio? This chapter features one of the world's top studio designers talking about cutting edge and inexpensive ways to set up your studio properly so this doesn't happen.
  • Preamps - What they are and why they are extremely important.
  • Typical signal routing scenarios
  • Loops - How to work them into your music.
  • Pro techniques for:
    Recording vocals
    Recording drums
    Recording bass guitar
    Recording electric & acoustic guitar
    Keyboards, synths & MIDI
    Much more. Note: This DVD set is currently NTSC and in English only. TWO-DVD set.