Modern Guitar Method Grade 1, Expanded Edition

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Product Overview

Format: Softcover + Online Audio/Video
Difficulty: Beginning
Series: Modern Guitar Method
ISBN: 978-07866-8859-3

Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method is the world's premier instruction series for learning modern plectrum or pick-style guitar technique. Time-tested and proven successful in building the theoretic and technical foundation needed to play in any style, all seven grades of this comprehensive method are written in standard notation only to promote sight reading skills and enhance musicianship in general. Unmatched in its thoroughness in teaching every important concept, if you really want to become an accomplished guitarist, this is the method for you!

In Grade 1 Expanded Edition, you’ll learn correct posture, hand positions and pick-hold technique, plus the basics of reading standard notation. You’ll play scales, chords, duets, and solos in the keys of C, A minor, G and E minor. Even in Grade 1, you’ll be introduced to the chord/melody concept of guitar performance so prominent in Mel Bay’s own playing style, fostering an early, almost intuitive understanding of how melodies fit with chords.

Every concept presented in this method is reinforced by numerous pages of playing material and just the right amount of music theory, providing a solid foundation for the student guitarist. Includes access to online audio and video.

Special features of the Grade 1 Expanded Edition include:

Tips on tuning, correct posture, hand positions and holding the pick.

Picking studies, principal chords and accompaniment patterns in the keys of C, A minor, G and E minor.

Carefully graded tunes, studies and music theory lessons that move at a user-friendly pace. Solos in diverse styles, with access to online audio for every example.

Downloadable instructional video introducing the beginning student to the plectrum-style guitar.  ©2015, 88 pages