Mixing, Recording, and Producing Techniques of the Pros, Insight

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Mixing, Recording, and Producing Techniques of the Pros, Insights on Recording Audio for Music, Video, Film, and Games. Veteran music journalist Rick Clark conducted hundreds of revealing interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry to create this newly expanded and refined edition of this extraordinary book. Tony Visconti, Phil Ramone, Richard Dodd, Jim Scott, and David Kershenbaum are just a few of the 115 contributors who share their special studio practices, tips, and anecdotes. A truly thorough look at the recording world, this in-depth collection of interviews with recording, mixing, and producing legends covers everything from recording strings and horn sections to using creative production techniques on the latest musical styles. Candid interviews with expert industry pros will enlighten you with the knowledge that has led the featured producers, engineers, and composers to huge industry successes and millions of record sales. This useful and entertaining information is organized by subject matter rather than by expert, so you can gain advice from several professionals on the specific topic that interests you. MIXING, RECORDING, AND PRODUCING TECHNIQUES OF THE PROS, SECOND EDITION is perfect for any producer or engineer who wants the advice, opinions, tricks, and techniques used by the leading experts in the field. This completely updated edition features many new interviews, fresh content from some of the previous edition's interviews, and a new section on live sound reinforcement. Table of Contents:
  • 1: Acoustic Ensemble Recording.
  • 2: Bass.
  • 3: Compression.
  • 4: Cue Mixes.
  • 5: Drum Tecking.
  • 6: Drums.
  • 7: Dynamic Signal Processing.
  • 8: Field Recording and Film Sound.
  • 9: Film Music.
  • 10: Horns.
  • 11: Keyboards.
  • 12: Mastering.
  • 13: Mixing.
  • 14: Percussion.
  • 15: Recording Piano.
  • 16: Production Philosophy.
  • 17: Production Sickness.
  • 18: Radio and TV Mixes.
  • 19: Radio Processing.
  • 20: Room Tuning.
  • 21: Recording Strings and Orchestras.
  • 22: Surround Sound Recording and Mixing.
  • 23: Vocals.
  • Appendix: Expert Discography. ©2010, 400 pages.
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