Mixing & Mastering, Know It All ! DVD

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Product Overview

Video training course covering all major aspects of digital audio mixing and mastering. Demonstrates principles and concepts using Pro Tools, Sonar, Cubase, Ozone, Sound Forge, and Audition as well as popular audio plug-ins. This course is a complete guide to digital audio mixing and mastering. It begins with an Overview section introduces the necessary audio engineering concepts. Both the Mixing and Mastering sections are organized into a straightforward framework consisting of 5 elements: Volume, Panning, Dynamics, EQ, and FX. The course illustrates the principles and concepts of mixing and mastering using a number of examples created in popular pro audio products. Examples in the Mixing section use primarily Pro Tools, Sonar, and Cubase, and examples in the Mastering section concentrate on Ozone, Sound Forge, and Audition. Audio plug-ins from Waves Audio, PSP Audioware, and Camel Audio are also demonstrated.2 hours and 44 minutes of Adobe Flash videos in data DVD format. Operating System: Windows XP or Macintosh OS X; Main Memory (RAM): 256 Megabytes (MB)Note: This is a data DVD. It will play in any computer that meets the system requirements, but not a video DVD player. It is not limited to any video DVD world region.